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00's pop songs




代斯克 (匈牙利语: Deszk ),是匈牙利琼格拉德州所辖的一个村。总面积52.05平方公里,总人口3662,人口密度70.4人/平方公里(2011年1月1日)。



代王城遗址 ,位于中国河北省张家口市蔚县代王城镇,1982年7月23日被列为河北省文物保护单位,2001年被列为第五批全国重点文物保护单位。 代国王的城市地点的历史可追溯到汉.









年乃索麻古城 ,位于中国青海省刚察县泉吉乡乃索麻村,为青海省市县级文物保护单位,公布日期为1987年7月10日,类型为古遗址。 今年是绳子的大麻古代历史的时代是要确定的。



年乃索麻遗址 ,位于中国青海省刚察县泉吉乡乃索麻村,为青海省市县级文物保护单位,公布日期为1987年7月10日,类型为古遗址。 今年是绳子的大麻遗址历史的年龄卡有关的文化。






List of school songs

A school song, alma mater, school hymn or school anthem is the patronal song of a school. In England, this tradition is particularly strong in public schools and grammar schools. University of Georgia – "Glory, Glory" Cornell University – "Far Above Cayugas Waters" University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign – "Illinois Loyalty", "Hail to the Orange" University of Texas at Austin – "The Eyes of Texas" University of California, Los Angeles – "Hail to the Hills of Westwood" University of New Hampshire – "UNH Alma Mater" Harvard University – "Fair Harvard" University of Florida – "We Are the Boys from Old Florida" University of North Dakota – "UND Alma Mater" University of Michigan – "The Yellow and Blue"


Nepticula poputetorum


Smerinthus populetorum

Timema poppense

Timema poppense

Timema poppense, the "Pope Valley timema", is a species of walkingstick in the family Timematidae. It is found in California, and originally described from a nature reserve in the Pope Valley.



As of August 2019 it contains four species, found only in Puerto Rico and on Hispaniola: Popcornella nigromaculata Zhang & Maddison, 2012 – Puerto Rico Popcornella furcata Zhang & Maddison, 2012 – Hispaniola Popcornella yunque Zhang & Maddison, 2012 – Puerto Rico Popcornella spiniformis Zhang & Maddison, 2012 type – Hispaniola



Poppintree, is a neighbourhood of the large outer suburb of Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland. It is bordered by Glasnevin and Finglas. The area includes Poppintree Park. the Poppintree Sports and Community Complex Irelands only IKEA store lies to the east in the townland of Balcurris.



Popeswood is a village in Berkshire, England, near Bracknell. The village is within the civil parish of Binfield approximately 1.5 miles west of Bracknell. The main part of Popeswood lies north of the B3408 west of Temple Park and south of Binfield village, with a smaller section south of the B3408 between Amen Corner and Farley Wood. It is named after the poet Alexander Pope who lived in Popes Manor, then called Whitehill House, between 1700 and 1715. More information on Popes time in the area can be found in the Binfield article. Nearby Popes Meadow is a countryside park that offers recreational facilities with open grassland, ponds, copse and veteran oak trees. Newbold College, a Seventh-day Adventist college, is located within Popeswood. Nearby are St. Marks Church and The Roebuck public house. Along London Road, the B3408, there are a post office, a garage and a number of small businesses.

Phyllonorycter populifoliella

Phyllonorycter populifoliella

Phyllonorycter populifoliella is a moth of the family Gracillariidae. It is known from all of Europe, except the British Isles. Adults are on wing in two generations per year, from April to May and in again from August to September. The larvae feed on Populus x canadensis, Populus deltoides, Populus euramericana and Populus nigra. They mine the leaves of their host plant. They create a lower surface tentiform mine, without a fold. Pupation takes place in a round cocoon within the mine. The frass is deposited in a corner of the mine. The pupa of the second generation hibernates.


List of populists

Rafael Caldera 1994-1999 Hugo Chavez 1999-2013 Nicolas Maduro 2013-present



PoppinParty is a Japanese all-female band that was formed in 2015 as part of Bushiroads media franchise BanG Dream!. The groups members are voice actresses who portray fictional characters in the franchises anime series and mobile game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!. PoppinParty consists of Aimi lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Sae Ōtsuka lead guitar, Rimi Nishimoto bass, Ayaka Ōhashi drums, and Ayasa Itō keyboard. In the anime and game, the band is represented by Kasumi Toyama Aimi, Tae Hanazono Ōtsuka, Rimi Ushigome Nishimoto, Sāya Yamabuki Oshahi, and Arisa Ichigaya Itō. PoppinParty serves as the protagonists of the anime, which began airing in 2017. Of BanG Dream! s seven bands, PoppinParty is one of four whose members play their own music during live concerts. The band has released 15 singles and two albums.